Add an option to display a grid of numbers for values

  • Overlay a grid of numbers on the map to show to show values for whatever is selected for display(wave heights, wind, etc.)

    Putting the cursor over a spot does produce a number but it would be an added convenience to have a grid of numbers displayed over the entire screen. Other sites like Ventusky already have this capability.

  • Or display the value under cursor when Ctrl / Shift / ... is pressed.

  • I second this. A grid of numbers would give a quick AND very detailed overview. This obviously depends on zoom level, maybe it makes sense from zoom level 7 and closer?
    I very much like the numbers being displayed under the city names, but in sparsely populated areas (or over mountains or water, ...) a grid of numbers would help a lot. That's the one thing I like for (oh, and the COSMO model) ;-). Other than that is the go-to-site! Thanks a lot!

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