Problem with embed map rendering in an iframe in IE11

  • Re: Internet Explorer issue - blocky/ugly maps

    I'm having a similar problem as the above referenced post with blockiness in the map, but usually with the wind animations only covering part of the page.

    It works fine If I don't include any URL parameters, but I get a a result like the following image if I include querystring parameters, like:,41.870,-75.476,5
    Bad render map

    Though they work fine in IE11 when not in an iframe. The iframe embed also works fine in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

    It also works fine in IE11 if I use a URL instead of an URL.

    I am stuck with IE11 for this application since it's for digital signage where the playback system uses IE11 for web content.

  • I am seeing this problem as well, while trying to embed this into my home automation interface. Also unable to get the radar layer working at all in IE11, works fine in edge.

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