How many more hurricanes are going to hit the us!!

  • I live in Maryland so the hurricanes are coming close!!

  • May you be safe whatever the case :-) 0_1505608462902_Four Leaf Clover.jpg

  • From the radar, it looks like another hurricane is coming and 2 hurricanes will come within very close range of each other

  • Well the US 115th Congress have a crystal ball because on September 11th 2017 they saw fit that a bill should be in place for "Emergency Aid to American Survivors of Hurricanes Irma and Jose Overseas Act"...H.R.3732...where is the aid for Harvey survivors...and as of right now Jose is still doing 360's in the Atlantic...what do they know , but are unwilling to share at this time. Hope this time our elected officials sound the sirens days before the Emergency and not days after.
    Prayers 4 All

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