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  • The Portuguese translation has been bothering me for quite some time now, some words are a bit off, others are way off or don't make sense at all, so I've decided to give you some suggestions to help improve it.

    1- Current: Orvalho. Dew point - New: Ponto de orvalho Explanation: "orvalho" means "dew", not dew point. Big difference.

    2- Current: Altitude zero grau. Freezing altitude - New: Altitude congelante meteorological term: Isoterma de zero grau (Brazil) Isoterma de zero graus (Portugal) Explanation: honestly, when I read "altitude zero grau" I didn't understand what it was, I had to go back to the English version of the website to find out it's supposed to be "freezing altitude". Current translation is not super wrong, but it's a literal and rough one.

    3- Current: Neve nova. New snow - New: Acúmulo de neve Explanation: snow accumulation, because in Portuguese "neve nova" is just not something you'll ever hear someone saying, sounds like food or some brand new tool, not snowfall.

    4- Current: Ondas de vento. Wind waves - New: Onda oceânica de superfície (or "ondas de superfície") if the first one is too long. Explanation: "ondas de vento" doesn't actually implies it's ocean or sea related in this case. Current
    translation sounds more like "waves of wind/windy periods"

    5- Current: Temperatura mar. Sea temperature - New: Temperatura marítima/Temperatura do mar < interchangeable. Explanation: "Temperatura mar" is vague/grammatically incorrect

    6- Current: Mostrar 7 dias de clima ao iniciar Show 7 day weather at startup - New: Mostrar previsão para os próximos 7 dias ao iniciar Explanation: "clima" = climate, not weather.

    7- Current: Duração. Length - New: Comprimento Explanation: "duração" refers to time, not the length of the wind arrows/animation.

    8- Extra: "Disable webGL" is not translated yet. New: Desativar webGL

    9- Extra: "Our blog" is not translated yet. New: Nosso blog

    10-- Extra: I don't think leaving it in English (swell) is a problem at all, maybe it's better because even meteorologists call it "swell" when forecasting weather on TV. Just pointing that out.
    1_1505298010495_1.png 0_1505298010494_2.png

    (Portuguese is my native language)

  • Moderator

    I would suggest that windy team give the community the opportunity to translate the windy app / site as an community project (I think there are lot of wrong translations in other languages too). I know there are tools to do that.

  • We need to completely change the way we DO translations. Responsible guy is on holiday now.

    We are FU***LY understaffed. Would need 2 - 3 genius programmers.

    So far we can do only HIGHEST priority tasks.

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