What are these black holes in an Airgram?

  • I'm looking at the airogram and I notice these black holes. What are they?
    I've looked at the temperature in the map at the relevant height and time and nothing is shown.

    The date was Friday 15th Sept for Milbrulong NSW Australia

    Thanks in advance for any assistance,
    Peter Evans

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    @peterevans Hello, the black hole is an occasional error in the temperature data. The error can occur in the data source (forecast provider - gfs, ecmwf, ...) or during our internal processing of the data. This hole represents forecasted temperature that corresponds to midnight on Friday 15. It's totally off (~50 Kelvin = -223.15 Celsius = -369.67 Fahrenheit) and as such low values are not supposed to happen in nature our program does not consider them at all. If they do happen though, the program assigns them black color and the algorithm that interpolates colors between temperature points (to create the smooth looking map) yields these eerie black holes. @TZ is already working on a fix. I hope this answer satisfies your curiosity !

  • @dzuremar Thanks for your quick and informative reply. The airgram is important to me as a fly a foot launched powered paraglider and use winds at different altitudes to extend my range. Often on the east coast of Australia in summer there is a lower eastly with an upper westerly. My main fuel tank is 14 litres and while I can use an aux fuel tank (in Australia) it significantly increases the weight I have to carry and the risks.
    Thanks for your EXCELLENT weather visualisation tool.
    Peter Evans

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