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    Since version 13 we have failed to update this document. As of now we have version 27.0.

    CHANGELOG - version 11+

    [13.10] - debug-plugin

    • Completelly new plugin debug enabling to diagnostic Windy errors at www.windy.com/debug
    • Better onresume event handling on mobile
    • Better diagnostics of unlegal use (iframe, app)
    • ozone product merged ecmwf
    • Minifest of each product is now checked each 5 minutes whenever switching to product
    • Isolines of local forecast models clipped to boundaries
    • New iOS, Android builds


    • New class PrductSwitch. No more CSS to display avlb products
    • Rain/snow accumulations supported by more models (gfs, icon, nam) and acTime UI switch generated dynamically
    • Some desktop UI elements moved to external rhpane plugin making loading even faster on mobile devices
    • New icons on desktop: fullctreen toggle and update time
    • On mobile, model switch was moved to layers plugin
    • Completely new sexy info about expected model update time as a info plugin in desktop and directly in layers menu on mobile.

    [13.05] - icon-eu

    • Implemented icon-eu model to map && to detail
    • store improved (made it faster)
    • Product ecmwfAccu abandoned in a favor diplaying accumulations in current product

    [13.03] - store

    • Completelly new module store replacing settings and keeping state of the app. Store is central data store (imagine simplified super fast Redux store).
    • UI redesign of desktop view
    • Settigns lowBandwidthMOde discontinued
    • Simplification of rhpane controls
    • store (formerlly settings) split into new modules dataSpecifications and cloudSync
    • Overhauled and simplified cloudSync
    • W.Metric now uses underlying store
    • W.Color now uses underlying store
    • timeAnimation uses variable speed
    • Completelly new progressBar UI loder for radar
    • New module detail as internal W.Evented emmiter nad detailWide data holder
    • Huge improvements in detail splitting into mode modules, making modules independent.
    • Completely new params module using heavily new store and item dependencies
    • Almost all UI contorls has been redesigned, simplified to use new store
    • Overlay sstAvg (average monthly sst) discontinued
    • bottom plugin has been abandoned
    • Completelly new classes BindedCheckbox and BindedSwitch
    • Possibility of product lo have lazy loaded dependencies has been abandoned
    • Colors class change to W.Class to avoid new.
    • Picker fixes (implements EventCatcher).
    • MyTag plugins now recognizes data-ref="ident" making nice object this.refs (inspired by RIOT)
    • Completely new isolines plugin using 2D canvas (faster, less memory footprint)

    [12.36] - patched-leaflet

    • Important, Windy now uses patched version of Leaflet 0.7.7 (https://github.com/windyty/Leaflet)
    • When mobile picker is on double tap zoom and pinch zoom keep picker on the same location
    • Better "my location" support


    • swellperiod layers discontiunued (remains in picker or wave detail)
    • Meteogram now contains also dewPoint in temp graph
    • As requested by many users all wind/wave direction can be displayed as NW or 270deg
    • Important fixes in meteogram that caused wrong rendering during long rain
    • Rain layer now shows areas with snow
    • picker has its own emmiter W.picker
    • ozone layer is back

    [12.33] - waves-tides-isolines

    • W.Swipe important bugfix that cause unexpected swipe events
    • Slight pois plugin refactoring
    • New detail-tides and tides plugins. Tides is stand alone tide forecast and Detail-tides combines detail with tide forecast and implementation of both plugins is far from being perfect. -- tides are commented out in code
    • New router module (taking part of a code from location)
    • Support for new isolines gs,temp,deg0 some of which are multilevel
    • Slight changes to detail plugin
    • On mobile, better webcamsDetail thumbnail preview
    • New waves plugin containing waves radar
    • Riot.js upgraded to 3.7.4

    [12.32] - external-picker

    • Picker was moved to external plugin
    • Weather picker on single tap is back on mobile + some graph improvements


    • Completely new mobile/tablet UI


    • Significant performance optimization during scroll of detailed forecast.
    • On mobile, clicking on forecast column now sync maps to the same hour
    • Swipe up on detail opens webcams on mobile, or down to close detail
    • Adds the code for displaying user-defined apps.
    • New lang/langUtils.js utility for handling translations

    [12.24] - new-pois-webcams

    • Complete refactoring of map POIS using new Leaflet L.PoiOverlay class and featuring 100 - 1000x performance improvement!!!
    • Completely new webcams plugin for mobile use
    • Completely new context menu preventing user to open weather picker by accident on mobile
    • Distance & planning optimized for mobile use also

    [12.21] - map-follows-detail

    • As rqstd "Open in App" link is visible only on iOS & Android platforms
    • As rqstd click on home icon in mobile apps does not change overlay/model/level (just zooms the map & goes to current time)
    • On mobile, scrolling of the spot forecast changes time of the map

    [12.20] - isolines

    • particles animation on/off state is now part of the URL
    • Completely new isolines
    • weather alerts now supports rainAccumulation


    • Radar now contains nicer loader in UI
    • Completely new widget maker enabling to embed weather radar
    • embed2 now supports Weather radar


    • Weather stations on HP discontinued


    • Updated embed2.html


    • Bug fixes


    • Back to riot 3.5.1 due to bugs in v3.6.2

    [12.02 - 12.04]

    • Better error diagnostics
    • Bug fixes
    • Upgrade of riot js plugin (from 3.5.1 to 3.6.2)

    [12.01] - localized-labels

    • New localized or english map labels, rendered with nicer fonts.
    • Added english/localized labels switch to settings (localized labels by default)
    • Fixed bug. When picker is dragget out of map bounds it is closed
    • wgParticles fixes


    • Almost finished radar and radar renderer
    • Monster bug found in picker causing problem when interpolating accumulations layers
    • Start-up optimizations
    • Retina support for old non-webGl particles has been abandoned


    • Serious bugfixes in geolocation, maps initialization
    • Mobile version (11.20) w/o offline tiles


    • New borders and labels iles
    • A lot of bugfixes
    • RHpane moved to LHpane for cleaner UI
    • Design overhaul of overlay menu
    • First prototype to radar (still commented out)

    [11.00 - 11.18]

    • A lot of bug fixes
    • NAM model in detailed forecast
    • Product synchronization of map & detail


    • Completely new plugins rhpane, tools, particles, bottom, etc..
    • New UI for desktop (rhpane plugin) and mobile (mobile-menu)
    • On desktop we test webGL capabilities and decide if to load old or new particles renderer
    • A lot of small improvements and fixes
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    Very Cool.. THX

  • Moderator

    Maybe it would be interesting for windy community to have an development roadmap

  • Administrator

    @Tomber42 We have so few resources that we need to think twice what to do. So far the ROADMAP exists but changes a lot on a basis of data we are able to get, and resources we have.

    Do you have any suggestions about the directions and features we are missing on Windy?

  • Moderator

    My suggestion :

    Satellit Pictures
    Rain Radar
    More forecast Models

    More Detailed forum
    Community translation project

  • Administrator

    Thomas that is also our plan. Today we will have new programmer in office so we will seeeeee.

    I personally work 10 - 15 hours a day and I am highly demotivated since there is nobody to replace me in writing super fast Javascript client side code.

  • Moderator

    @ivo said in CHANGELOG.md:

    Thomas that is also our plan. Today we will have new programmer in office so we will seeeeee.

    I personally work 10 - 15 hours a day and I am highly demotivated since there is nobody to replace me in writing super fast Javascript client side code.

    The boss is demotivated? Not good... Why you do not find programmers? Question of adequate payment? Or what is the problem?

  • I've been using Windity since it's early stages. And already then I thought it was pretty good. But now it's just mind blowing. I love how you can get all the information on one page. I am a professional pilot myself. I don't only use it for flight planning, but also for the daily use off work.
    I'm amazed how smooth the app works, considering it's immense use of available data.
    Well done!!

  • Latitude/Longitude Grid in 1 or 2 degrees increments...

    This Website is excellent and will be absolutely great when you offer an option for 1 or 2 degrees increments for Latitude and Longitude - as requested earlier - as the current 5 degrees intervals are totally useless for the average mariner...

    I operate a fishing fleet in the Caribbean sea and need to position my vessels on your map before reading the weather forecast and this is virtually impossible to do with the current grid set up...

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    Excuse me for answering on an old subject, but can we find the continuation of this changelog somewhere?

    I just saw that Windy has released a new version, I was curious to know all the changes / additions.


    Thank you !

  • Administrator

    @Nyxtorm Hello, currently there is no changelog for the latest version.

  • Administrator

    @Nyxtorm Hmm we have to automate changelog publication somehow

  • | Premium

    Hello @ivo,

    Yes, that would be a great idea! We could test more precisely the new features and have a visibility on the latest bug fixes.

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