• CHANGELOG - version 11+

    [12.20] - isolines

    • particles animation on/off state is now part of the URL
    • Completely new isolines
    • weather alerts now supports rainAccumulation


    • Radar now contains nicer loader in UI
    • Completely new widget maker enabling to embed weather radar
    • embed2 now supports Weather radar


    • Weather stations on HP discontinued


    • Updated embed2.html


    • Bug fixes


    • Back to riot 3.5.1 due to bugs in v3.6.2

    [12.02 - 12.04]

    • Better error diagnostics
    • Bug fixes
    • Upgrade of riot js plugin (from 3.5.1 to 3.6.2)

    [12.01] - localized-labels

    • New localized or english map labels, rendered with nicer fonts.
    • Added english/localized labels switch to settings (localized labels by default)
    • Fixed bug. When picker is dragget out of map bounds it is closed
    • wgParticles fixes


    • Almost finished radar and radar renderer
    • Monster bug found in picker causing problem when interpolating accumulations layers
    • Start-up optimizations
    • Retina support for old non-webGl particles has been abandoned


    • Serious bugfixes in geolocation, maps initialization
    • Mobile version (11.20) w/o offline tiles


    • New borders and labels iles
    • A lot of bugfixes
    • RHpane moved to LHpane for cleaner UI
    • Design overhaul of overlay menu
    • First prototype to radar (still commented out)

    [11.00 - 11.18]

    • A lot of bug fixes
    • NAM model in detailed forecast
    • Product synchronization of map & detail


    • Completely new plugins rhpane, tools, particles, bottom, etc..
    • New UI for desktop (rhpane plugin) and mobile (mobile-menu)
    • On desktop we test webGL capabilities and decide if to load old or new particles renderer
    • A lot of small improvements and fixes

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