New pressure isolines: Testers wanted!

  • Out of curiosity, why did people request this feature, whatbis the use case?

  • I had checked and tested it in detail across the US, it is right on the money.

  • Great new feature! It would be perfect with Isohypse lines as well (e.g. 850 / 500 / 300 hPa)

  • @ivo .. Yeah I guess I can leave with it :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Another great feature! I see it very useful for many different users, from sailors to school teachers.

    Thanks for continuous updates

  • Sailor

    Great addition! I've been wanting this for a long time.
    It seems that the isolines (previously known as isobars?) are sometimes 4 hPa, or sometimes 2 hPa, apart? If so, why the departure from standard meteorological practice? Label each line, or change the line style for the intermediate step 2 hPa lines. Line labels are a bit small and, some numerals mush in this font and size; e.g. 0, 6, and 8 are hard to distinguish.
    Re: "Great new feature! It would be perfect with Isohypse lines as well (e.g. 850 / 500 / 300 hPa)." That would be a different plot. Very useful, but maybe best presented as a different layer. I would welcome that layer.
    As to why, asked by "F": While the color gradations are quite good, the isolines add a great deal in understanding the pattern of the pressure. And especially change over days. For example, it's much easier to see cutoff lows (fully encircled), rather than low dips that appear like appendices, with the isolines than in the colors. This helps understand if there is risk of that low dissipating or strengthening. Also, tightly compacted isobars (lines) mean more wind. Looking over a smaller scale, say planning for an ocean crossing, it's easier to see and understand than differences in graticules.

  • @ivo Nice! You might experiment with dashed-lines every 5 hPa; it makes determining values easier!

  • Moderator

    +1 isohypses
    +1 dashed lines every 5Hpa (with custom on/off)

    Add custom colors to that ? and custom text height ? :)

    Very good job guys.

    I'm in sint-maarten. Everything is destroyed here because of hurricane Irma. It's so sad. I lost my appartment... But I'm still found of meteorology.

  • @ivo great addition, now we need it on the apps. And please allow us to turn off the animation on phone screens.

  • Thank you. The isobars must be for every 2 or 1 hpa.

  • Meteorologist

    Thank you, Windy team, for this additional feature.

    I would like to see the isolines remain at 2hpa interval.

    I have found some of the detail is lost (frontal zones/mountainous regions) in the polygon smoothing algorithm and I don't know if your team could experiment with this to see if additional detail/resolution could be added without loss of plotting stability.

    One major feature I do like with this additional layer is; overlaying the upper-level weather fields (winds/rel hum/cloud layers) on top of the surface isobar pattern to analyse the vertical tilt (pos or neg) of weather systems. VERY useful!!!

    Once again guys are excelling with this weather forecast/application tool.

  • Meteorologist

  • Thanks so much for this improvment! Windy is now my absolute favorite weather site (app). I must say that Windy works amazingly fast for that mount of data and extra thanks for that!!

    I know that every extra features will sacrifice the operating speed, but if it doesn't take too much, it would be nice to had possible to adjust color and level of isobars. Actually it would be enough to have isobars with 1hpa by gray colors and every 5 hPa by black or something similar.

    In a professional sense, it would be fantastic to have possibility to combine different datalayers together. Three different layer would be already enough, but there should be also possibility to choose order of each layer. And it would be good to have chanse to mix together data from different altitude. I guess this will sacrafise too much the appspeed?

  • Congratulations!! New pressure isolines are a great feature, they clarify even more the general view. Thanks.

  • Brilliant Work. I wish my team could be this forward thinking.

  • It would be useful to be able to read the pressure isolines values when zooming in.

  • Nice! And very usefull. I would like if the isolines pressure distance would be customizable.

  • Some peoples can be use the pressure isolines to forecast the weather and double check the data. And then use the pressure isolines compare with AI simulation result. Great information!! Thank you.

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