• The content in the Windy app is so far the most comprehensive I've seen in a weather app in the iOS AppStore (probably also in the GooglePlay Store). I was thinking, given the amount of data available to the app, having the ability to set custom weather app alerts (push notifications?) would make the app even more powerful than it already is.

    Some of the (push?) notifications could be:

    • An alert when a current conditions reach a certain set of custom criteria (e.g. current amount of precipitation exceeds 8mm/hr).
    • An alert when the forecasted amount of precipitation for a certain period into the future exceeds a certain amount (e.g. when the forecasted accumulated precipitation for the next 12 hours exceeds 50mm).
    • An alert when pollution levels (CO, SO2, dust) become too high.

    Or, similar to how the user can customize which layers will appear, or which color palette will be applied, probably the user can be allowed to create custom weather alerts - now this will blow every other weather app away!

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    @gpobernardo We already have alerts ! They are sent by email/push notifications. They do not go to such customisation degree you described, but might be useful nonetheless. Read this mini tutorial on how to setup the alerts.

  • @dzuremar Found it, thanks! Didn't know it already included push notifications, thought the alerts were only through email.

  • Sorry, I can`t seem to find out, but how do I set up push notifications on the iOS app? I much rather have my alerts in the app than filling up my email account.

  • Update: @dzuremar, looks like the iOS app only has email notifications, not app push notifications?

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