What is red and blue triangle in the forecast?

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    This post is deleted!

  • Could I respectfully request that this feature be reconsidered/removed - the UK MetOffice "Warnings" are triggered at ridiculously low real risk levels and these triangle marks are completely obscuring any indication of even approximately forecast likely amounts of rainfall. Please revert to previous version and remove blue warning triangles.

  • PS - if I really want to know what the UK Met Office is issuing, I'll look there - thanks!

  • A FURTHER PLEA... Having looked at the UK MetOffice "Weather Warnings" page today, I now see that it relates to high winds over Scotland.

    So: WHY is there a blue warning triangle obliterating my RAINFALL information for the rest of today in WALES...??? This makes no sense whatsoever.

    It is entirely illogical that someone who wishes to use and analyze the excellent, 4km sq data being provided by Windy should then have this data obliterated by a general, part-country wide (and not even in the same part of the country!) warning about something entirely unrelated to the subject matter...

    Please have this removed ASAP!

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    OK triangle will be abandoned in some of the next updates

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