• Windy is the best site I found so far, yet, when it comes to hurricanes, the size of a surge is a major catastrophic risk that is not included in any of the maps. It is of extreme importance for millions of people living near the ocean level to decide what to do: evacuate, find higher grounds etc.
    In TCI (Turks and Caicos), some people were predicting a surge of 15 feet with Irma. However, while going through Irma, we did no see any surge at all. (Luckily !). As a result of the faulty prediction, many people abandoned their houses way too early and could have better spent their time adding additional protection.
    I guess surge patterns in islands are very different from main land, and nowhere I can find reliable information for the Caribbean. I do believe that with all the data known in Windy, it must be possible to add a reasonably reliable SURGE MAP to the site.
    Thank you for Windy so far, and hope to see a surge map some time in the future.
    Patrick V.N.

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