• I am new to this site. I think you guys just might have put my local weatherman out of business. Such detailed information, things I never knew I needed to know. Way more then my local broadcast without all the annoying commercials. Kudos to all who have put this together just for me. ☺️

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    A second that motion. This webpage is amazing and keeps getting better. The SLP isotachs are a great addition! Thanks for freezing levels! The interface is really slick and super fast to load.

    I find it really cool to call up WX-BRIEF with windy.com open in front of me. The flight information specialists are really good, but communicating 4-D weather over the phone is really difficult. Seeing what they are talking about really improves my spatial and temporal awareness and I feel I understand the atmosphere so much better (at least within the uncertainty of the models).

    Thank you so much.

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