• 回覆: How can I access historical data?
    Hello: I am a high school geography teacher. I think your visual weather system is doing very well. In the past, I used history data to explain the wind, rainfall, temperature information, and the relationship between them in different seasons around the world. But now I can not find history data, it is said to 2018 is possible to find on the page. Where can I download historical data? Or can you send me history data? I only need any year of history data, for example: 2016/1/1 ~ 2016/12/31. Thank you. My mail: brucekao18@gmail.com

  • @brucekao

    Excellent question! I often wonder that myself! Did you get a response? Or did you find out? I mean, shouldnt there be complete recordigs of all the different radars in motion? Also, thanks for your time, and being one of those unsung heroes... a teacher!! I wish more people would realize the importance of gaining knowledge, and passing it on. And that it's technically our duty as human beings to do so!

  • Hi. I too am looking for past wind records at various altitudes.
    This is for analyzing the weather context when paragliding incidents or accidents occurred in the past.

  • have you looked into the NCEP Re-Analysis project?

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