• Great app for sailing! But as an offshore sailor I would offer a few ideas to make it considerably more useful. The latitude and longitude grid needs to have numbers on it, when you are zoomed in to an area of interest with no landmass in sight it is impossible to to pinpoint a location of interest. Also, all the data disappears when the internet connection is shut down. Not much use when heading out in the ocean.The app should retain all the information on my tablet from the last time it was connected to the internet, allowing one to use the information offline.

  • @sailormantx I had not thought of this before, but this is a great point and not only for ocean going boating but for anywhere in the world. It would be useful to be able to download the information into the user's smartphone, tablet, or laptop for access when not able to connect to the internet which is quite common in many parts of the world yet. Also since the only sure why to navigate the world is by latitude and longitude, having this information on the maps or at least a GPS coordinates number on the mouse pointer or appearing at the point the finger touches the screen on tablets and smartphones would really be helpful.

  • @Don-Chase totally agree with above. I use PocketGrib for quick and dirty grip downloads but if windy could do this a real plus. It should be an option though. Another useful site I use is lightning maps.org and to be able to overlay that data too would be very useful where I am located.

  • I would like to to inform you that the officialy name on the map that uses the windy is not Macedonia but FYROM. Can you change it please?

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