Can't get the data along the bottom to re-appear? Like the exact wind, gusts, pressure etc.??? Thanks

  • The data along the bottom that shows wind speed, gusts, pressure etc. turned off. How do I turn it back on? Thanks

  • Me too!

    I've clicked and poked everywhere, to no avail.

    It needs to be more obvious....

  • Seems like a bug. Can you describe it more. Can you add screenshot with arrow, whats wrong?

  • When you open WindyTY up, it shows Hours; Temperature; Wind; Gusts and so on at the bottom.

    When you close this with the big red X, it shrinks down to just the days.

    How do you get it back up again? Should there not be some button, maybe next to the "Play" button, to get the Hours; Temperature; Wind and so on back again easily.


  • Now I get your point. The bottom displays "spot forecast". You can open it by many ways. Try click anywhere on a map, try search location etc...

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