Windy opens its first sales position

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    My name is Ivo Lukacovic. I am founder of (1996), (2010) and later on (2014). With up to 6 millions users a day (durring hurricanes) I believe, that is the most successful Czech Startup right now.

    We have the right product, we have a lot of users, and now it is start to montize.

    I have a clear vision how to turn into profit in a short time, without subscription and without ads.

    What I need is you.

    If you are the one, who is able to convince anyone about anything, who energizes all the people around, who never loose the faith, then this work is for you.

    I offer you so big challenge, that you, yourself, will be surprised what are you capable of.

    If you are interested in this the application form:

  • @ivo Why no optional subscriptions for som premium content like history or other things to help getting a sustainable economic situation?

  • Sailor

    @ivo May I ask you a question? How did you manage up to now to find ressources to make such a big job? And in addition how you get ECMWF forecast files? It probably costs a lot !! needs time and money, but you wants to keep it free - totally - ?

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