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  • I point in an high altitude location and the given temperature (13 C) is much bigger than the max temp for the same location given on the airgram

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    @meteo-GR Hi, I investigated this a bit and think that this is caused by difference between NEMS model shown in map and "NEMS" model shown in the deatiled forecast.
    Both are from Meteoblue, but are not the same. We use them for historical reasons (we used only Meteoblue model for detailed forecast before ECMWF)
    I asked representative from Meteoblue what is the difference between these datasets.
    The first difference is obvious: Map is restricted to Europe only
    The second difference is probably cause of the error: "NEMS" point forecast model combines more models (not only NEMS).
    How this multimodel is done is know-how of Meteoblue, but conclusion is that it should not be paired with NEMS map and should not have label NEMS.

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