Which format and apps for exporting plans?

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    New version of Windy apps will contain super/duper/monster cool distance & planning tool.

    But what to do with created waypoints? Give us a hint into which format should we enable to export them


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    i think this feature is not on top priority on wishes list of most users...

    maybe you should consider to release a roadmap of features you will bring to windy

  • Waypoints data in CSV format is my preference.
    Will you also consider importing and saving routes in user's profile?
    I would also like to see importing/exporting of favorites in CSV

  • Moderator

    I'd like to have a cross-section of the weather between waypoints in "airgram" mode !

  • CSV seems like a good choice so users can convert data into whatever format they want, but it will only support Point Features.

    I would also consider:

    which are also popular formats that can be imported into many different software.

  • | Premium

    .csv will only be useful for power users. Why not use a more common format, like .gpx or .kml?
    They are understood by most tools, and power users can still have gpsbabel convert it to .csv or whatever format they need.

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