Cannot install iPad-version on iPad Pro 10.5" after installing the iPhone-version

  • I've downloaded the app on my iPhone.
    Afterwards I downloaded the app on my 10.5" iPad Pro and it seems to be also the iPhone-version of the app (the screens do not match the screenshots in the App Store for the iPad-version)?!
    I cannot choose to download the iPad-version.

    How can I install the iPad app?

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    @chipundchap Are you installing the correct app? Because there is also a copycat version of Windy. The correct app should have a red logo.

    Other than that it should install fine. Maybe consider a hard-restart of your iPad. I only use android devices so I don't know of any errors with the app for ios.

  • @TheRadarGuy Yes. It is the correct app. But both the iPhone- and the iPad-version are exactly the same.
    A friend did install the app on a prior version of the iPad Pro and he got the iPad-version.

    Maybe the iPad-version of the app does not support the (new) 10.5" version of the iPad Pro?!
    ...and the falls back to the iPhone version?!

  • The problem can be in iOS version. The apps were built for iOS10. iOS11 build will be released soon.

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