Issue with new automatic timeline scrolling on Android app

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    I have noticed that the new automatic scrolling feature on the Android app is not allowing me to return to the current hour without closing the the forecast menu and reopening it. Instead, it only shows the following hour forecast for the GFS and ECMWF models when I try to scroll back to the current hour. The NAM model actually only shows the forecast for two hours ahead of the current forecast time period. I have attached multiple screenshots to show the differences in the models displays.

    Here is the NAM model before scrolling;

    Here is the NAM model after scrolling and trying to scroll back:

    Here are the GFS and ECMWF models before and after scrolling:
    0_1507462979596_Screenshot_2017-10-08-07-00-26.png 0_1507462982622_Screenshot_2017-10-08-06-59-35.png

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    I just noticed another issue related to the automatic timeline scrolling feature. It seems that the ECMWF forecast stops automatically selecting the time as I scroll once I reach 48 hours. As seen in the following screenshot.


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    Seems like reasonable complain. Will look at it

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