• SCIROCCO(Sirocco): South/South - Easterly strong winds with dust and sand blowing over the mediterranean from africa which are winter phenomenon occuring when deep low pressure area system is situated in the western Mediterranean sea.

    HARMATTAN: North - Easterly winds which formed over yhe sahara desert and affecting Western / North - Western regions of africa.
    occurs typically in the winter between November and April.It creates dust and sand storms with very poor visibility and can reach as high as 15000ft

    KHAMSIN: Southerly wind blowing from Egypt over Eastern Meditrranean and occurs in Winter and Spring.

    SIMOOM: South/South - Easterly very hot,dry and dusty wind blowing over the african and arabic deserts and occurs mainly in Spring and Summer.

    HABOOB: blows over Egypt and Sudan,typically in the evenings of May and September also brings sandstorms ahead of advacing thunderstorms.

    GHIBLI: Southerly warm wind and damp when blowing over sea that affecting Lybia and typically blows ahead of a depressin(low pressure area) during late summer.

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