Katabatic Winds

  • A katabatic wind is the name of any wind that blowing down an incline . a mountain wind which is result of rapidly slope cooling at night and this air flow down and displaces the warmer air in the valley is one type of katabatic wind . Depending upon local counditions , katabatic winds can have a dramatic effect on temperature . Sometimes the cold , dense air spills over mountain and flows down to displces the air ahead of it if this occure over elevated mountains the descending air is warmed by compression until it is warmer than the air it's displacing which known as Foehn wind but also may referred to locally names such as Santa ana in california or Chinook in rockies . Occasionally unlike foehn wind descending airmass will be so cold that even trough it's warmed during descend it's still colder than the air it displaces which known as Fall or Gravity winds!!!

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