• I have to be missing something simple, but I looked really hard and cannot for the life of me figure out how to determine wind speeds. There's a wonderful map, and the little 'animated particles' are wonderful at showing direction and sometimes they move faster than other times, but for more than a year I've had to go to another weather site to find wind speeds. There's some color coded key on the map, but on any given day with a 4 kt wind, the particles are red, which according to the key would be tropical storm strength and completely wrong. I must be missing something basic?

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    The color of the particles are not expressing wind speed. For the same place and time they are red if zoomed in and white if you zoom out.
    If you want to know the forecasted wind (direction & speed) you have to click on a particular location and the pop-up numbers show wind direction (in degrees) and wind speed (in knots, beaufort, milles per hour etc - whatever you choose in the settings menu).
    For more knowledge on "wind direction" , see:

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    On the bottom right corner of the map, you will see something like:

    0_1508876829608_Screenshot 2017-10-24 13.23.23.png

    On the row beginning with the ★, click the next icon, the 0_1508876953499_Screenshot 2017-10-24 13.27.50.png, to turn on wind speeds display. You will get a lot of winds speeds being displayed.

    For example, here is a map of the Washington DC area before the wind speeds are displayed

    0_1508877149241_no winds.png

    and here is the same area after the wind speeds are displayed

    0_1508877179264_winds displayed.png.


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    Jim, you described the way to display actual wind as reported by airports etc.
    Not forecasted wind.

  • Yes, that's confusing. If a user has a forecast future chart displayed, it should display only winds forecast at that same point in time.

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