• Save a favourite but can’t see how to select on the map. Re: favourites

  • Moderator

    On the bottom right hand corner of your map, you will see something like:

    0_1508872815078_Screenshot 2017-10-24 12.16.58.png

    Click on the ★ icon in the first row (mine is already selected in the pic so it's red) and there will be a ★ on the map for each of your Favorites. When you click on one of the ★'s, a large, window wide box with lots of weather information for that site will display at the bottom of the map.

    Alternately, at the top left of the screen, you will see something like:

    0_1508875002784_Screenshot 2017-10-24 12.55.52.png

    If you click on the 0_1508875222224_Screenshot 2017-10-24 12.59.58.png, a Menu will display with Favorites as one of the choices. I hope this helps.

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