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    ECMWF data on Windy has not been updated this morning, because new data is not available yet.

    Official statement of ECMWF:

    "Due to unforeseen circumstances, the delivery of the ECMWF 00z High-Resolution Deterministic Forecast, the 00z Boundary Condition Forecast (Atmospheric and Wave) and ensemble forecast (Atmospheric and Wave) will unfortunately be delayed. At the moment we do not have an estimate for the delivery time, but we will keep you posted.
    Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by this delay."

    Windy will be updated as soon as the new data is delivered from ECMWF server.
    We appologize to Windy users. You can switch to GFS model in meantime.

  • Administrator

    Problem solved, ECMWF data updated.

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