Frontal Weather

  • The type and intensity of frontal weather depend on several factors . some of this factors are availability of mositure , the stability of the air being lifted and speed of of the frontal movement . other factors include the slope of the front and the moisture and temperature variation between two fronts . although some frontal weather can be very severe and hazardous other fronts produce relatively calm weather .

    Note : usually the cold fronts are severe than warm fronts but warm front occlusion it,s more dangerous than cold front occlusion . (and also the slope and gradient of cold front is more than warm front )

  • There are some general weather characteristics that are found in most cold fronts includsuche as :
    (1) cumlus clouds
    (2) turbulence
    (3) showery precipitation
    (4) strong gusty winds
    (5) clearing skies and good visibility after front passes

    Warm fronts
    (1) stratus clouds if air is moist and stable
    (2) little turbulence except in an unstable airmass
    (3) percipitation ahead of front in wide area
    (4) poor visibility with haze or fog

    Note : in warm occlusions you will found an moist , unstable air lift so rapidly therefore you can find embeeded cumulonimbus in that type of front so in that weather will be severe than cold occlusion .

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