New mobile version is here, how do you like it?

  • @ivo
    Terrible, absolutely useless now for aviation purposes. Please change back to the old way, it was very user friendly and provided all the important weather data to use for flight planning and enroute decision making. Please, please go back to the previous version.

  • Administrator

    @Oldcrow What is specifically wrong?

  • Wonderful, I can't get along without it. Use it for instructing my sailing students. Better and better thank you. Bezt Grahame

  • Very good. Like it. Easier to use.

  • Absolutely LOVE it... It's a fantastic app and my go to weather app...
    The new interface is great... Well done.. 🀘

  • Where is my 7 day weather prediction?????

  • Perfecto

  • It is awesome!!! You guys have done a marvelous job!
    One suggestion,it would be better if when pressing on screen the default action would be the weather picker and maybe with a drop down menu whoever wants can change it to distance or other options. Best.

  • @Asdfg00 good stuff , use i to challenge weather channels words

  • @ivo Dear Ivo... I preferred the original format. I am a professional mariner, who has sung your praises for the accuracy and useability of Windyty. It’s main value to me is the wind (speed & direction) and waves (height & direction) forecasting format, where I could use the bottom slider to advance the forecast. Whether looking at an individual day or understanding the wind shifts with a frontal passage, I have found your site essential to my planning. Prior to and during hurricane Irma, your predictions were fantastic...and when compared to real time radar, it was β€œthe picture to have”.

    I use a large IPad Pro at the helm, which allows me to use ActiveCaptain, Garmin Blue charts, Wonderground WX, and Windyty. It’s the best β€œone stop shop” for a working captain.

    Thank you and my best,

    Jim Cranston, CDR/USN(Ret)
    USCG Lic. Master

  • I Think absolutli great .
    I flay whit aircraft every day end I em very happy . Peter .

  • Onde esta a previsΓ£o de chuvas ?

  • Ok, but you need some time to appreciate it

  • No good for flying with out the altitudes, no need to change that!

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  • I think it is a significant improvement. I was able to use the old interface but to be honest, it wasn't the most intuitive UI that I have seen. The new interface is much better. I am sure that there can be more improvements but this is a great step forward. Thank you

  • @ivo it used to be that i could tap a spot in the map and watch the wind speed of that spot while the prediction time line runs. That was the single most useful feature for me (kitesurfer).
    Please bring it back because without it windity is almost useless.
    Thank you

  • Super awesome. Thanks. J

  • Still have mixed feelings about the improvements at this point. I think it was more user friendly with the old version. However, even though I have changed the rain units to inches, it still comes up as mm and snowfall in cm. This is driving me crazy lol. I use this mainly on my IPad Pro, but also have the same problems on the site too. Is there also a way to have more than one weather point on the map to show conditions changing? Multiple points would be great. Is it possible to get more models such as the Canadian model? Love the site, so keep up the great work gang!

  • Very, very good. Thank you developers

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