New mobile version is here, how do you like it?

  • @ivo great app offers much more than a lot of paid apps I have , I use it all the time for planning my drone flights

  • Je suis très content que cette application sois disponible, merci pour tout vos efforts.
    Vraiment réussi !!!

    Je suis disponible si vous avez besoin de mon aide
    Pour tester les versions à venir !

  • Fantastic app. Love it to prepare my flights. I like the meteogram.

  • Outstanding! My new go to app for everything weather!!

  • | Premium

    Reliable and useful.

  • @Fernandex
    Hi Ivo and Team,
    your windy-app is excellent and best of class.
    I'm only a private user, but very interested in all aspects of weather forecast.
    Thank you very much.

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    Hello. The new interface looks nice. But is hard to navigate with 1 hand. I would like to see the altitude for winds moved back to the left side. That worked great. Use it in my Piper cub to find the best altitude for ground speed. Also move the selector on the right for winds and clouds and all that to the middle of the screen or make it a swipe out from the right anywhere on the left pane. For people with larger phones it is difficult to reach at the very top. For the altitude slider could make it a swipe from the left anywhere and then slide your finger up and down. That would be great. And make it so the isolines always stay on.



  • I liked it better when I could pick a time and location and click to compare the gsf vs euro models of weather. They differ enough to be worthy of comparison.

  • Great work Ivo - thanks for making this simpler to navigate and the UI experience is very good

  • Working perfectly, Can you extend your forecast for 15 days.

  • Excellent application! *****

  • I like it better

  • @ivo Like the original. Also, I can't bring up the model I want.
    American/European. It doesn't fit the screen.
    Why mess with something when it works well??????????

  • Excellent

  • @mcgon where is this location picker ?
    The only options i see are
    Show weather picker
    Forecast for this location
    Distance and planning

    • ![alt text](image url)*

  • ![alt text](ahora si esta mas manejable felicitaciones por la nueva actualizacion)**

  • First: congratulation for your application that is beautiful to watch, as a paint on a wall.
    The minimalist interface of previous version was great, and I was often opening three application to see the nice colors / wingspan picture at different altitude.

    In the new version I miss the vertical altitude selection andI would like being able having no activity selected by default

    Second: I use Windy for flight preparation and / or sea navigation

    For flight preparation
    Getting on the main screen the ability of playing with dynamically with altitude selection and weather forecast model was a must, used to select flying altitude.
    For pilots the new implementation bring complexity and is a draw back
    But NOTAM are great

    As I believe dynamic altitude selection and dynamic weather forecast selection concerns mainly pilots, could it be possible to get vertical altitude selection and weather forecast selection back on the main screen if 《airports》 are selected as default option

    For sea navigation, I don't care of altitude, but getting weather forecast selection on main screen could be useful

    Not easy making every body happy

    Bravo and thanks, but bring us back vertical altitude selection and weather forecast selection on main screen


  • @ivo Very pleased with it.

  • Je to skvele, cobra peace Ivo, vsude kam jedeme vas chvalime, jsi proste nejlepsi

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