New mobile version is here, how do you like it?

  • First: congratulation for your application that is beautiful to watch, as a paint on a wall.
    The minimalist interface of previous version was great, and I was often opening three application to see the nice colors / wingspan picture at different altitude.

    In the new version I miss the vertical altitude selection andI would like being able having no activity selected by default

    Second: I use Windy for flight preparation and / or sea navigation

    For flight preparation
    Getting on the main screen the ability of playing with dynamically with altitude selection and weather forecast model was a must, used to select flying altitude.
    For pilots the new implementation bring complexity and is a draw back
    But NOTAM are great

    As I believe dynamic altitude selection and dynamic weather forecast selection concerns mainly pilots, could it be possible to get vertical altitude selection and weather forecast selection back on the main screen if 《airports》 are selected as default option

    For sea navigation, I don't care of altitude, but getting weather forecast selection on main screen could be useful

    Not easy making every body happy

    Bravo and thanks, but bring us back vertical altitude selection and weather forecast selection on main screen


  • @ivo Very pleased with it.

  • Je to skvele, cobra peace Ivo, vsude kam jedeme vas chvalime, jsi proste nejlepsi

  • @ivo I like the new clean interface. Still freeze on my tablet, though. I do miss the altitude bar, but it's a trade off.

  • Never give up, as a helicopter pilot like you , it works great

  • Nassau Bahamas is using windy new mobile, and loving it. i own a 5 fleet fishing charter business, My captains uses windy every day.

  • Is excelent. Every chance Will wellcome.

  • Great job

  • I Love it

  • Fantastic, works great. Love it! Thank you.

  • @ivo I thought is was great before changes and I use it on my tiny iphone! Not sure what the problems were but I loved the old version not sure yet about new still trying to figure where everything is at now lol

  • Just found this app and am learning my way around it. I live in Orkney, where the wind is of significance to one’s life and planned activities (e.g. some ferry sailings to Scotland cancelled today due to wind and waves in Pentland Firth). Love the app. Can’t believe it’s free. I would pay!

  • Hi Ivo. I would really like to have all the old options on the laft and right sude menus. Altitude. Wind gusts and all the others. At the moment the app is of no real value to me. Probably many others too.

  • @ivo
    Hello! I'm a lifelong sailoer, and just discovered Windy 3 months ago. It is with some sadness that I have to admit that it may replace my daily habit of checking the USA National Weather Service which I have done for decades.

    For me the new design is easier to use, but I can understand where pilots have a different perspective. That said, to be able to see higher level winds is very helpful for anticipating surface conditions. I was able to locate them pretty easily in the new version. Not quite as straightforward as earlier, but it is still there.

    Im also glad to see that the rendering is greatly improved. In the prior version, especially with the tablet, it would take several tries before the final wind layer would show up. Not a problem so far in the new version.

    I remain amazed and stunned by the accuracy of Windy. I really can't believe it's possible. I was doubtful at first, especially given the notorious ocean weather of the Maine coast. But after 2 weeks of cruising, I came to rely on Windy as my primary weather tool. I would happily pay for this app. It is vastly better than many of the paid apps that are out there.

    Thank you once again. Excellent job. As one who works in IT sales, I know a quality product when I see one!!

  • dońt know about previous mobile version but so far so good with this one. i used to windy on w10 and i aint disapointed with this one. use is mainly for prediction sailing purpose. thanks for energy and time consumed... it wothed it 😎

  • While some Of the layout is good it is not as good as the old one. The old layout I could change my altitude and the time of day in the same screen. Now to do it I have to close the time slider, open the side menu, change altitude, close side menu, adjust the time, and back again. Please bring the slider back onto the main screen so things can be adjusted in the same screen.

  • Estou a gostar bastante da aplicação trabalha bem e é acertada

  • thanx very much it is more helpful

  • Present version is perfect in my mobile Moto X-play, if going to new version, please keep all features, recently added pressure lines are really a great job & serving the purpose to its full. My suggestion is, add cyclonic/trough regions with an indication with red spots for cyclonic storms & dotted lines for trough areas. Give also warnings about severe weather conditions. Thank you.

  • Spettacolare

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