New mobile version is here, how do you like it?

  • The best weather apps..

  • Tout simplement génial
    Continuez comme cela
    Bien à vous

  • Shit at all, new version. No native speaker, can understand all pilots and captains all around. Are you serious? I will cancel it, DWD makes more sense, best whishes from northern germany

  • Hi. Very Good Job. But.... I'm sailor, and when I lost my lte/gps signal...i lost my wheather forecast..

  • Great, but grater with satellite images

  • @Oldcrow
    I must agree with you Olcrow, I find this version much less user friendly, less intuitive to use as I need to search for things that just seemed to be at your finger tips in the previous version. For aviation use it was great having the sliders for altitude on one side and wind or wind gusts etc on the other was magic. To put things like these into a sub menu is a backwards step. An easy fix for this would be to have target specific menu e.g. for pilots when aviation is selected have those sliders default to on screen rather than in a sub menu.
    This was a great app to use and all my pilot mates have it, I hope a compromise can be arrived at as I most certainly found it much easier and quicker to use before the update.
    Thanks for the app.

  • I was delighted to find this app about a month ago. Professional Pilot for 40 years and have never been able to get any idea about what to expect for cloud cond.,wx.,and wind (either in the Boeing or my FLOATPLANE) past the FA/ FT's. HUGE help!! REALLY HUGE!! Cloud layers, winds at all accurate as can be expected..Saw true value in the forecast source comparison also. Now it does very nearly nothing. So, so sad. I'll really miss the app that no longer exists!!

  • The layers are easier to visualise and some of the buttons are easier to use. Quickly selecting a layer has become a bit faster because the name of the layer isn't hiding below your finger as you're changing and you don't have to remember the position of the layer in your list to select it.
    However, I agree that there's a loss in useability:

    • There should be a way to select altitude without opening the sub-menu. I did like how I could select altitude, layer and time just by dragging the side of the screen, as it didn't involve and extra click and the heights range spanned the heights of the device, which was fine on the tablet and allowed more precision than the new menu.
    • I like looking at webcams, although I usually go and navigate to the parent website to see if it refreshes more often (or is a video instead of a still image). It used to be very easy to go to the right webcam travel page from windy. Ever since the webcams were moved to a slide up menu, the link directs you to the webcam travel home page, not that of that particular camera. When it was still on the right of the forecast, it would take me to the lookr site on which I could get the address of the original webcam. Is that functionality lost?

    Otherwise, it's an awesome tool and keep up the good work!

  • @ivo excelente!

  • Ivo

    Many thanks for your time on this app. I keep the desktop version up on one monitor continually. The new mobile interface is very user friendly with access to tons of weather related data. I think the web cams are a nice touch.

    All the best and a job well done.


  • 👍👏😊

  • Ivo, je to super. Díky 😀

  • Ivo, good job. Jako dobra aplikacija.

  • Great i ame loving it. Thanks a lot.

  • Windy itp very praktyce and nice but widget no. If off date and on letter, widget is dead.. Not started. Aplication Windy is running but widget is dead, why?

  • @m.persson
    No one forces you to use the free app. Please stay kind in judgement.
    Richy - from Southern Germany

  • Improved UX. Was very good before and has become even better. It's hard to put loads of functionality in an intuitive interface. You achieved it, thanks Ivo!

  • Improved UX. Was very good before and has become even better. It's hard to put loads of functionality in an intuitive interface. You achieved it, thanks Ivo!

  • Veramente affidabile per navigare in barca a vela . very good for sailing . good job . Gino

  • The Best 👏👏👏👏

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