swell/wind wave ww3- wrong visualization? corrupted files?

  • Hello all

    first of all, I would like to say that you do a great job!

    Meantime almost in every ww3 / NOOA model's cycle, regarding swell and wind wave height, everyone can realize "gaps" "holes" over you map as you can see in the attached image.
    (just south and sw of Australia/ swell nooa ww3 cycle 20171026_00 frct for 20171029_05).

    could you give any reason/s for that?

    • corrupted files?

    • wrong visualization?

    • physics of the wave model?

    • missing values

    I believe that you have already realized that.
    Actually, on NOAA's site ( http://polar.ncep.noaa.gov/waves/viewer.shtml?-multi_1-latest-aus_ind_phi-hs_sw1-) the graphic plot has the same "gaps" as well.

    Have you ever tried to overcome that issue by interpolation or any other smoothing function? Have you contact NOOA for that issue?

    Your response should much be appreciated

    Best Regards
    Nikos Konstantinou
    Msc Meteorologist /Oceanographer

    PS keep coding !!! :)



  • Administrator

    Well you are right. WW3 has some difficulties on NOAA's side and we cant do anything with it.

  • Administrator

    Please contact NOAA (we have no time to do this) and we would be happy if you post their reply in this thread.

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