We want altitude slider back!!!! Please support us here.

  • Up to now your site has been the only one where one could see the jet stream. Now the altitude slider has gone that is not possible. CRAP without it.

  • They moved it to the menu bar on the right.

  • There are a lot of people having trouble finding it. I am autistic and just hiding useful things makes sites much to complicated

  • You have to click on the wind icon on the righthand side and adjust it there. Really I think for anyone who uses altitude like pilots this update is a massive pain in the arse. Old version was better

  • Agreed. Bring back the altitude slider. What on Earth were you thinking?

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    I agree completely. Please bring back the altitude slider. .
    It was perfect with the slider for altitude on the left and selector for weather type on the right side.
    I use it on my mini iPad and this is simply a big step backwards.
    With that said, this entire app is still genius and your work is very much appreciated.
    But please please change it back to dual sliders.

  • Great app, but yes, please bring the slider back to the left side. Much easier in the cockpit than trying to select the new one.

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    Please bring back the altitude slider.

  • I can understand having the slider on the left. Just downloaded on my mobile. Had quite a few times where the slider actually hung in the menu bar. Options would be great to push the slider back on to the app main screen. And when your flying the menu covers your location when you have it open. We have enough fun flying blind in clouds.

  • PLEASE Bring back altitude slider to the main screen. It is a lot more useful and quick to use where it was rather than where it now is

  • 1000 times this.

    Please put the altitude slider back on the front as a first-class control. Or at least a config setting to put it there for those who need it. Found this forum and registered just to post this.

    To review weather at different altitudes used to just require a swipe. Now it's TAP open, wait, SWIPE, TAP close....and repeat for each altitude you might want to review!

    The best visual weather tool ever made has just been really spoiled by introducing this UI friction.

    Personally I found the previous UI to be faultless, if occasionally a little slow on my ageing phone.

    Apart from this issue, congratulations on creating the most wonderful weather app. Thank you so much. With the introduction of radar recently, Windy is now my single go-to app for reviewing regular and aviation weather.

    PS: the latest iphone upgrade blew away my app settings, which was a minor pain. If possible, please preserve them between upgrades.

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    I'm soo happy I am still running the old version of the app, that has the ALTITUDE SLIDER WHERE IT SHOULD BE!!

    A few updates back I learned the hard way to never, never upgrade the Windy app until I tested it on someone else phone.


  • I totally agree. The altitude slider was one of the best features of the app. For me as a pilot it is a must to have as the winds on upper levels most of the time are of more interest than the surface winds. To have tha slider on the main page makes it very easy to see the winds at different altitudes. The altitude feature in the menue is simply no option.By taking the slider away the app lost a big part of its attractivity. Please bring the altitude slider back as soon as possible. Other than that: big compliments. Great app!

  • Please bring back the altitude slider on the left and the weather type on the right. I wish I had never installed the latest update. I loved this app just the way it was, now it is hard to use.

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