Windy API v3.0 launched

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    After long delay we have decided to launch new Windy API v3.0, that contains all models, levels and overlays as the main Windy.

    Use of this version of Windy API is free for the time being as long as Windy logo and link to Windy website will be visible on a map, and will remain clickable majority of the times, including all the credits to data providers (ECMWF, OSM). We reserve rights to change these conditions or to discontinue Windy API at any time.

    Usage in mobile apps

    It is prohibited to use, bundle, or include Windy API client, data or any part of our intellectual property as a part of iOS or Android application without our prior written permission. This behavior will be treated as serious breach of our conditions and the app will be removed from Google Play or App Store as we have already done it few times before.

    Permission to use Windy API as a part of native mobile apps could be obtained, after consensual agreement of placing buttons to download native Windy app inside user's native app.

    And kudos to @ArneSeib who finished new API in record time


  • Looks awesome! Thank you for your effort for providing free API.

    How long previous API version will be supported/kept running?

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    @siim we do not plan to shut it down unless we will change backend. Few years at least

  • @ivo


  • @ivo Will this launch impact the old version API (v2.3)? Apparently all the examples for the old API (v2.3) stop working on the latest IE11(v11.674.15063.0) on windows 10, all the weather layer turned out to be grey without any animation. Or is it just the IE version causes the issue?


  • I use Firefox and I have no issues. All runs fine. Windy is perfect :-))) Great work!!!

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    @xyw101 Old API is still running but old documentation is not running anymore. Will find a way how to put it back.

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