New mobile version is here](how do you like it?

  • Re: [New mobile version is here](how do you like it?)
    Present version is perfect in my mobile Moto X-play, if going to new version, please keep all features, recently added pressure lines are really a great job & serving the purpose to its full. My suggestion is, add cyclonic/trough regions with an indication with red spots for cyclonic storms & dotted lines for trough areas. Give also warnings about severe weather conditions. Thank you.

  • Where sre the wave hights. Charter Captain need this it help. Old version had it. Bring thst part back...please

  • Please bring the altitude slider back to the home page on the mobile site.

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    The app is worthless without the altitude slider.

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    Please bring back the altitude slider.
    Separate sliders for altitude on the left side with a slider for weather type on the right side was perfect.
    (after all, this is a 3D view, so combining those selectors into one is forcing us into 2D usage).

    Also, the iPhone date/time selector is very user friendly (large) but is not available on the mini iPad. It was on the mini-iPad for a short time a few versions ago but that went away. Could we bring that iPhone date/time selector back to the iPad?

    Thank you for your efforts. This is a fantastic combination of data. (just a step backwards with usability by removing the altitude selector).

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