Aviation Winds Aloft on Airgram

  • love the app and the website. im a pilot and love the wind/radar/metar/taf's etc.
    in the airgram detailed forecast the winds aloft are given in Hpa. in aviation we use MSL for winds aloft. pilots would need to do a complicated conversion every 100 NM to be accurate especially when crossing frontal boundaries or areas of large pressure changes. 800hpa isnt always 6400ft MSL and 900hpa isnt always 3000ft msl. some places that you click on...lets say a mountainous area...3000ft (900hpa) is under the ground but the chart is still showing a wind barb for that altitude.

    The same thing goes for the wind overlay where you can select a pressure setting (altitude) and it shows the wind streams with color coded velocity

    this could be a smaller issue than im thinking it is because a lot of pilots are saying how awesome this site is.
    any light that could be shed on this would be greatly apriciated...because i could just be way over thinking this


  • Ok so looks like all MSL altitudes for winds aloft are based on Standard atmosphere so abovee FL180 it won’t make a difference because we set our altimeters to standard and below FL180 it will be just a few hundred ft off or so....so no big deal I guess...??

    Still don’t understand why there is wind info given for the surface and then 2000/3000 ft MSL etc in areas where the elevation of the ground is like 5000 or 10000MSL etc in like Colorado or mountainous areas

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