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    @mrandall This must be bug. I see NZ stations all right. Please investigate.

  • Loving it.. But what I really want to see is a 30+ day graph of tide height with sun/moon rise/set times.
    Lots of usages including clamming, photography, shorebird watching.

    Keep up the good work!

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    @renelis said in Tide Forecast on Windy!!!!:

    What does 5.3 at 13:45 in the popup information mean ?

    (Date) 5.3. At 13.45(h)

    @ivo to make it clear maybe would be better to write
    5.3.18 at 13.45h

  • Love it!
    Particularly when you play the tide timeline overlaid on the wave forecast map.
    Very useful during the storm surge we were having this weekend on the east coast of Canada and the US eastern seaboard.

  • i love it keep up the good work

  • This is a good news to read that you're providing tidal information. First of all it is not forecast tides but predicted tides as it is based on harmonic calculation. Forecast tides would require observations to recalculate the predictions. Also, you are providing tide info for non tidal areas, upstream of Trois-Rivieres in Canada. There are waterlevel stations going up to the Great lakes. I also noted a bug for some stations as the information appear twice for low and high tides with slight differences (Rimouski). Thank you for considering my comments as Windy have been very innovative.![text alternatif](0_1520514969179_Screenshot_20180308-075925.png url de l'image)

  • As for the date, a more conventional way would be more appropriate to avoid confusion with tide value in meter.

  • For Canada, you could use the following web services to provide observations, predictions and forecast

  • Tried it in the betaversion, loved it , thnx for adding it.

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    @paris-brest Yep we do confirm a bug a working on a fix

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    @paris-brest thanks for pointing it out, should be fixed now

  • Love the ability to move through tide progression. Unique and helpful. Would like to be able to have tide stations in favorites if possible. Best weather app out there!

  • I have now logged more than 66000M on my 7m40 long boat covering the British Iles, Ireland and The Netherlands round past Spain and on to Italy. Passage making or going up river till the boat grounds (at 1m) I know what I want from tide information. A weeks coefficients and H and L heights and times for the expected area are copied out on a formica board and kept at the chart table for reference at all times even when the boat is ashore for maintenance.
    You have made a good start -But

    1. All the times should be dated unambiguously (d/m or m/d).Try a line for date as punctuation between the data blocks.
    2. Even the British Admiralty now use metres for depth. Remove the ft. It is just clutter and as such can only be a source of error or confusion.
    3. Remove the reference to the previous or next tide which is just more clutter ( and wrong see 6)). The time NOW appears at the top of the screen on my iPad. I can do the rest.
    4. Cut the clutter of words. HW and LW are well understood and not even needed if the data is decluttered.
    5. Add Tidal Coefficients. The British shun them because they are foreign but they are one of the most usefull tools available when working depths and calculating tidal stream rates.
    6. In the data box under Type: add the data source.
      On the 12th March
      Your values
      LW 0739 2.48m HW 1401 4.22m LW 2024 2.39m
      UK Hydrographic Office
      0114 4.2 0731 2.3 1411 4.1 2007 2.3
      HW 0121 4.19 LW 0746 2.32 HW 1407 4.15 LW 2025 2.24
      National Tidal and Sea Level Facility
      0105 4.29m 0750 2.42m 1357 4.23m 2029 2.43m
      0138AM 4.17m 0812AM 2.47m 0219PM 4.12m 0843PM 2.43m (Yes I know)
      Tides for fishing
      0111 4.3m 0737 2.5m 1400 4.3m 2022 2.4m
      Mobile Geographics version 1
      0155PM 4.00m 0836PM 2.41m
      Mobile Geographics version 2
      0220PM 4.12m 0843PM 2.43m
      On the UK E Coast be ready a comfortable half hour before any time and watch. Rubish in a tidal stream can reverse direction without loosing speed at tide turn. Heights depend heavily on North Sea conditions and sometimes match the tabulated values sometimes. Just listen to the Thames Navigation radio for the river pilots.

    Keep it simple.Just provide the numbers with their source and leave the skipper to do what skippers do.

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    Good advice Mate ! Most are for Windy but some are only for skippers.
    OK to remove the ft, but may be this unit is used in USA?
    HW and LW is fine.
    Strange to me that you like tidal coefficients. Are they available in UK? I’ve never see them used in this country.
    At # 6, I don’t understand the examples you give, is it just to show that everyone does not display tides in the same way?

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    Love having tides included on windy well done. But the format is a little clunky. I'd stick to m and ditch the feet. Also the date format used is confusing with potential depth. A standard date format would be great, so that it's not confused with other data. Well done though. Windy is amazing and so useful for my sailing and skiing !

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    Please look at the forecast for the Columbia River near Vancouver, WA. There are two tide "forecast" stations near each other wild wildly different data. One is noted as "dubious accuracy". If someone would not notice that "dubious accuracy" note in the title, this could get them in trouble.

  • I'd love to see the sinusoidal sea level curve. This gives a quick impression on the times and amplitude of the tide. Also, in keeping with Windy's visual style :)

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    Was directed here from another post.

    I am trying to find a quicker way to get my local/closest tide data without having to zoom way in on my android device. There are a lot of tide stations near me and I have pinch zoom a bunch just to get to the correct data. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I wish there was a button somewhere when you have the tide layer on that would just pop up the data for the station closest to your location. I'm hoping this is just user error.

    alt text

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    Not sure if it's at all possible, but a tidal graph like this one is very easily read and even much more informative when interactive where you can slide to a specific time or date to see the forecast; Just a thought. alt text

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    Well done. The next, even more useful step would be to add a tidal stream animation layer. Any chance? I sail on the west coast of Scotland, where the plan is normally ‘to go with the flow’, and having an animated, time variable layer would be a great aid to planning.

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