Tide Forecast on Windy

  • I agree with the good remarks and comments to improve the tidal data in Windy.

    For navigation and sailing it is important to know the reference of the
    tidal height. Many nautical charts in Europe are referred to L.A.T. (lowest astronomical tide).
    On other areas there will be an other reference level.

    In addition it is important to get the exact time(zone) for HW and LW. If a harbour is
    accessible e.g. HW +-2 hours, the exact time is essential. Ignoring the one hour of daylight
    saving time can cause problems. I suggest a text containing
    local time and difference to UTC like: "BST = UTC+1"

    A good reference for tidal navigation in Europe is the "Reeds Nautical Almanac"

  • Great to see the icons for the tides. Maybe the date could show?

  • For the Netherlands it works fine, but..... i was calculating with which hight my ship can pass the bridge. During calculating i experianced that the tides are given in “LAT” (which is not shown) while i was calculating on “NAP”.

    Maybe showing both is an option. Or when this is not an option because only the Netherlands is calculating by using “NAP” then at least say or show that it is in “LAT”.

  • I live on a tidal river and fly a small amphibious seaplane--so tide height is important to me. Your tables for the James River in Virginia, USA, appear to be quite accurate as far as the times are concerned. Tide height here is heavily influenced by wind, however, so the heights predicted by ALL tide tables are notoriously inaccurate. I think the only to improve them would be to factor local surface wind into the equation. I just do it by feel: if the wind has been 10 knots from the northeast for a day, I figure about 10% more than the tables predict. If it's been two days, 20%. And so on. But those are just very rough guesses. I've never actually measured wind water to be sure of anything. Anyway, I really like your tide predictions!

  • Hi, thanks for creating a great weather app and website, so glad I found it.

    The tide section is good but took me a few mins to work out how it’s being displayed. Mainly I think the way the date is written could be clearer. Perhaps it’s just a different format that we’re used to here in the U.K.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Mariners - Seafarers

    @ivo This is a great idea . As a sailor I use windy all the time and this is just one more reason to make it my number 1 usfull App

  • good idea and very useful for me. The tide table needs to show dates - very confusing looking at the times and not being able to quickly establish what day its referring to. Tide tides seem to be about 30 mins different to local data
    in New Zealand

  • Is this something that could be used to grab data for Norway?

  • Great job very handy

  • How can tide and current be turned off and on as needed? I find it too much clutter when always on.

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