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  • @kekert i think like me he would like to be able to see the tidal info several days in advance to be able to work in with weather forecasts to make planing a fishing trip or other activities, a good app there well done, please keep tides going. thank's.

  • Hi there,

    Sorry reviving an old thread, I have no idea if this is the correct way to do it... I was thinking, maybe it could be added to the alerts section something like the Nautide app notifications? Eg.: Everytime a certain station has high-tide or lowering tide, etc, I get an alert about it.

    Would be nice to have an alert about when the tide is high, or when it's lowering (or when it's low tide, I think you got the idea), since I keep track of some local data for some personal projects.

  • @idefix37 I'd leave the choice to the settings which the user has set up in Windy settings as far as ft and m. Yes, a graphical screen would be a great addition too.

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    Hi, Yes I fully agree with you, both for the units and the graph.

  • Love the tide information—- very important to us, as boaters. We Cruise are on the east Coast of the US. I noticed that some of the tide station data reflects current (slack tide, for example, at St Johns River in Florida). Some of the tide stations do not (St Mary’s inlet in Georgia). I would love to see this information at all the inlets (I know the data exists).

    Thank you

  • @ivo Love the tide forecasting feature! It would be really good if you could see it as a line in the normal wind/weather forecast along the bottom of the screen, so you could quickly click on, say, 13:00 in two days time and instantly see where the tide will be.

  • Love the tide forecasts. In the side bar don’t see the point of having tide in feet and metres in Australia. We’re metric. Can you change tide height units country dependent.

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    I see that tide heights are displayed in feet and metres in Australia.


  • @WharfRat said in Tide Forecast on Windy:

    Not sure if it's at all possible, but a tidal graph like this one is very easily read and even much more informative when interactive where you can slide to a specific time or date to see the forecast; Just a thought. alt text

    Tidal cures would be very useful

  • Love the site/app I am constantly impressed with the information provided. In the way putting my vote in, I'd love to see a tide chart like the one user lumpet one and user wharfRat posted about. Also as others have mentioned the meter to foot conversion is not correct for tidal height, e.g. 0.23 meters is not 0 ft. Another thing that would be lovely is a graphical interface like this:


    where tidal current stations have a graphical representation of direction of flow and water speed. Please and thank you! Keep up the good work!

  • Tides are a really important factor to many windsurfers. They dictate the conditions and help our decisions on where and when to sail, so it goes hand in hand with the wind forecast.

    Your beta is a bit confusing and not very accurate either, at least not for where I live which is on the UK south coast - we have an abundance of live tide apps here to use. As they work with what are essentially only predictions they are suprisingly all consistent and accurate.

    I've worked with some API's to these tide tables, many are free or pretty cheap so I think to add tides to Windy is not a big issue, it just depends on who you ultimately use for the data source(s), how many days in advance you want to predict and how much if anything you want to pay.

    Figures and graphs are great, plenty of apps to reearch ideas for the UI.

    Single app for wind and tides is a winner !

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    @LeGybe Hello, thank you for the review. The tide forecast is still experimental (more information here), so there will be further development in the future.

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