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    Some of your point data is not displaying correctly (perhaps referencing an incorrect header file?) or is coming from a source that is erroneous. For example, Fourpeaked, Alaska is displaying correctly at it's source, GOES download and primary data servers but not on Windy. As I am the steward for this site I would like to know where the error is, and perhaps help you correct it.

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    Send a screenshot

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    This post is deleted!

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    Thank-you for your reply. Here are two screenshots showing the same data from the Fourpeaked, Alaska RAWS station: the interface from the GOES satellite data feed and the incorrect temp on Windy.com. I suspect this isn't an isolated problem, are you polling these data from HADS? If so perhaps they have an error in their header/SHEF codes, I will attempt to track this down. For Alaska RAWS Mesowest is likely a better data source.


    0_1510256813004_8beb3921-746c-4a95-a395-f58f758bcd71-image.png ![0_1510256752959_848e5a77-d03b-495b-a60b-fe97e7d22296-image.png](Uploading 100%)

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