• Hello, I am new to this app which looks great! I just wanted to understand what the yellow areas are when we indicate the Cloud layer. Is that heavy rain? The grey areas are clouds and blue areas rain, but yellow looks weird, as yesterday, a big part of France was in yellow and there were no heavy rains. Thanks!

  • As you can see, the bar in the bottom left-hand corner which I circled red, shows you what the colors mean. So you can easily see that yellow is medium rain.
    But the cloud layer is a bit tricky because it combines both clouds and precipitation, but the bar only tells you the color key for the precipitation. The cloud thickness is showed by white and grey colors and I think, more grey means more clouds, but because there's no color key, I also can't tell you for sure.
    0_1509695297944_Screenshot from 2017-11-03 08-41-17.jpg

  • Thanks for your reply, but then the data source is incorrect. I am currently in a yellow zone according to the app, but outside we have a clear blue sky. On satellite images, there are also no clouds in the areas where it’s yellow. So my guess would be: yellow = sunny

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    pls send screenshot

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    ... because I don't see any yellow area over Belgium

  • As an example, here is the current situation (sunny outside, according to Windy 8% clouds)
    But we are in the middle of a yellow area, which would mean medium rain. So it doesn't reflect reality.
    Here is for info our local 'rain map' for the same time, where you see no rain at all for this part of the country.

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    @nexbelgium Hi, we admit that this can be confusing, because legend shows mm of rain, but map shows composite of both clouds and rain. The yellow color covering big areas means sun. Gray color is for clouds. When there is rain, it is visualized by dotted areas. Colors of these areas correspond to colors in legend.

  • Ok thanks for the clarifications!

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