Zoom in to favorites by default

  • Is there a way to have the app starting such that it is already focusing on a favorite? Today I first need to zoom in until I get to the favorite "area" which is annoying

  • I would also love to know how to zoom to a specific place and zoom level to be displayed by default. If someone knows how or if it is not possible, please share your wisdom. Cheers. And Thanks.

  • Hey again. Just figured out how to center the map. Just add this under JS:

    const maps = W.maps;
    maps.setView([55.34, 11.99])

    Change the numbers to where you need to focus and select your zoom level. Please note the second digit after the comma is not fully used. Hence it is difficult to set the view exactly where you would like it to be when zoomed to levels 12+.

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