Wave height

  • Hi Windy,

    We’d like to be able to modify the wave height scale. In the maritime industry the difference between 3 and 4 meters can be very critical.

    Wind and wave models have been accurate on the coastline but inconsistent on the inside passage from Seattle to Southeast Alaska. Can forecast models for these areas be upgraded?


  • Moderator

    You can insert more "steps" in the wave height scale (between 3 and 4 meters, or elsewere).
    At the upper left press "menu", "settings", "advance settings", "modify layers colors"
    "select overlay" waves, "add new line" and set the scale as you want!

    For wave forecast, windy.com uses 2 of the best global models.
    USA's GFS Wavewatch 3 and European ECMWF WAM.
    These models are upgraded continuously.
    Especially from USA's west coast to Alaska, there are 3 nested wave forecast models into Wavewatch 3

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