Geopotential height data plotting on map

  • Hi everybody. first of all, as a hobby meteo enthusiast I really want to thank you, mr. Ivo and your team, for this wonderful creation you have realised, with lots and lots of very useful features. I have however 1 question.

    Until recently, there was a layer button for plotting geopotential height onto the world map. I have seen there is now a tick box (menu) which plots the geopot. as isolines. I however found the map plotting (from the past) was more useful, as the isolines, in my opinion, lack a little bit too much in information.

    I 'can' activate the map plotting however when I go to 'settings', 'change colours' and then go to the set of geopotential height colours, so I know the feature isn't just removed, but it's quite of a hassle to activate it this way. Would there be a way to bring it back as a layer feature please, if possible? I (and I think many others of us as well) would appreciate this a lot.

    I apologize if there is already another thread open about it, but I haven't found one while searching the forums.

    Thank you very much in advance. Kind regards.

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