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    As you have noticed, your app is just Windy client, with your codes attached.

    Windy client is versioned like this 12.32, 12.34, ... and you can find actual version inside index.html

    Now you have an option to choose, which version of Windy client will power your application, which is cool since it gives you ability for backward compatibility.

    We are preparing new Windy client v13.00 that will contain significant architectural changes making User Interface more stable, consistent and more easy to play with.

    If you plan to build more sophisticated Windy app, consider waiting for Windy client v13.00 (should be launched dec 2017-jan 2018) that will contain better API.


  • @ivo will client v13 be a significant change from an API perspective? Will things we build using API v3.1 largely work as-is with client v13? Wondering what the relative stability of the API is at this point. Thanks!

  • @ivo Hi Ivo, first of all, I'd like to thank you very much for your great engagement with this project.

    I'd like to ask few question about windy app. I've my own atmospheric model, which is running on ca. 1 km resolution (for certain area) for forecasting some atmospheric variables. I'm wondering, is there a possibility to use your app with my own forecast data on my server? and is there also a possiblity to download your app offline to play first a bit aroud?

    Thank you very much for your reply in advance.
    Best regards

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