Conditions to use Windy API

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    Windy API is set of code and resources for displaying interactive animated map of weather forecast. Use of this version of Windy API is free for the time being as long as Windy logo and link to Windy website will be visible on a map, and will remain clickable majority of the times, including all the credits to data providers (ECMWF, OSM). We reserve rights to change these conditions or to discontinue Windy API at any time.

    Usage in mobile apps

    It is prohibited to use, bundle, or include Windy API client, data or any part of our intellectual property as a part of iOS or Android application without our prior written permission. This behavior will be treated as serious breach of our conditions and the app will be removed from Google Play or App Store as we have already done it few times before. Permission to use Windy API as a part of native mobile apps could be obtained, after consensual agreement of placing buttons to download native Windy app inside user's native app.

  • Hello,

    please give me contact for get permission to use API in my app.

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    @evgeny_t Hi. I have checked your app and it is ok, just make the Windy logo clickable please.

  • I would like to use your API in the application.
    Development has not been completed yet.
    How can I get permission?

  • Hi Ivo,
    In the docs, is suggested to include the windy-app in a iframe to run on own domain.
    But later is written ".... also want all commercially licensed data (for example ECMWF model) to run on our domain."
    Before migrate from the 2.3 api,
    is there any restriction in serving the windy-app (included in a iframe) from domain different from
    Thanks kappu

  • I think the intent is that the content in the iframe is served from - and that achieves the compliance requirement that Windy is bound to follow for the ECMWF licensed content. And the parent page can then be served from any domain.

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