snow in CM and not INCHES

  • where i live we dont register snow in cm but in inches. im wondering how i change that? ive changed the rain from MM to INCHES but i cant find where i change the snow. thanks for any help

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    Hello, there is currently no way to change that. It is a bug, the rain setting should also change units for snow. I'll forward this to @ivo so it gets fixed in the future. Apologies for this current inconvenience.

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    It will be fixed in v13.00, which will come soon ! ( ).

  • Not sure if this is being addressed as well in v13.00, but same goes for the temperature setting.0_1513099365440_Capture.JPG

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    @puckrat3 Interesting, I played around a bit more after your suggestion and found much more inconsistencies (other than the sea temperature, thanks for that!). The top left Settings menu seem to be out of sync often, but I found out that clicking on the "color bar" at the bottom right always works and is correctly in sync with the weather picker. However, you have to start moving the picker around after the change, otherwise the units it displays won't update, hnnnnNNnngh.
    Oh and I noticed you can change snow depth units, even in this version ! You just have to click on the bottom right color bar when in "Snow depth" layer. The "Snow, rain" layer is unfortunately no good for snow at this moment, so... use it only for rain :D

    The good new is, @ivo has been busy a lot lately working on a completely new way of storing Windy state (redux) so all this inconsistency mumbo jumbo should be gone in v13.00 !

  • @dzuremar Thanks for the reply! I actually didn't know you could click on the "color bar" to change the units. Everything seems to be in working order since the v13.00 update. Great job!

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