Model differences

  • What is happening with ECMWS this morning? Totally wrong. GFS is correct showing 26 m/s. ECMWS shows 19.5 m/s. I am sitting in Tórshavn. The wind ís now at 10 UTC 26 m/s.

  • @kristin-rasmussen
    I think you are α very "strict judge" for ECMWF !
    It would be "totally wrong" if it was forecasting calm.
    As I see at the attached maps, the winds at your location show strong gradient
    and the wind speed is rapidlly changing in a small time period.
    Wind measurments from the local airport (in contrast with weather model's forecasted data) are:
    03 UTC , actual 17kt gust 27kt (ECMWF: 19G32, GFS: 48G54)
    06 UTC , actual 37kt gust 55kt (ECMWF: 39G68, GFS: 53G66)
    09 UTC , actual 42kt gust 61kt. (ECMWF: 38G67, GFS: 52G62)

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