For whom are sanctions in the Crimea? Windy does not work on the territory of Crimea in Russia

  • (I apologize for my Google presenter) :-)
    For whom are sanctions in the Crimea?
    Now in the Crimea there is no way to use and it's very sad :-(
    Personally, I and my club constantly use your resource.
    I count WINDY as one of the most progressive resources, at the moment! in terms of weather forecasts and user convenience.
    in Crimea there are a lot of flying places for paragliders and hang-gliders!
    And I, as a local resident, are very upset that sanctions are being carried out against ordinary people like you and me. In Crimea there are more than 2.5 million people who live according to European laws and have the right to self-determination.

    p.s. we are living people like you. all that show and tell about Russia and Crimea is untrue! We have good conditions for flying safely for life and as always hospitable for everyone!

    with respect Chepelev Sergey, the head of the Crimean club of paragliders.

    (прошу прощения за мой превочик гугл) :-)
    Для кого санкции в Крыму ?
    Сейчас в Крыму нет возможности использовать и это очень печально :-(
    Лично я и мой клуб постояно используем ваш ресурс.
    Я счетаю WINDY одним из самых прогресивных ресурсом, на данный момент! в плане прогнозов погоды и удобства для пользователей.
    в Крыму очень много летных мест для парапланов и дельтапланов!
    И я как местный житель, очень огорчен тем, что санкции ведуться против обычных людей таких же как вы и я. В Крыму проживает более 2,5 миллионов человек, которые живут по Европейским законам и имеют право на самоопределение.

    с уважением Чепелев Сергей, руководитель Крымского клуба парапланеристов.

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    I'm supporting shepelevs!

    Ivo, I can't to belive the Wyndy is political tool against peoples.
    With respect Vladimir Borisov. Weekend pilot, Sevastopol.

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    @chepelev oO About what "European laws" you are talking?

    Here is real European mind:

    • Council of Europe PACE's expressed its full support for the "territorial integrity and national unity of Ukraine" .
    • German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned the Russian government it risks massive damage to Russia, economically and politically, if it refuses to change course on Ukraine,
    • UN General Assembly approved a resolution describing the referendum leading to annexation of Crimea by Russia as illegal.
    • NATO. The North Atlantic Council condemned what it called Russia's military escalation in Crimea and called it a breach of international law. It also called on Russia to respect its obligations under the UN Charter, the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, the Treaty on Friendship and Cooperation between Russia and Ukraine of 1997 and the legal framework regulating the presence of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

    The vast majority of the international community has not recognised the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol as part of Russia. Most nations in North America, Central America, Europe, Oceania, and Africa, as well as Asia outside of the former Soviet republics, have openly rejected the referendum and the accession, and instead consider Crimea and Sevastopol to be administrative divisions of Ukraine.

    Here is your friends who support your "law":
    Afghanistan, Cuba, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Nicaragua, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe have recognised the result of the 2014 referendum in Crimea.

    Check the following links for more informaltion:

    P.S. "Что дальше? Да хоть камни с неба! Мы на Родине"

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    @vyborisoff Remember, it is not a politica, it is the blood of our people!

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