sea temperature

  • There are no sea temperatures off the coast of Albania and the Black Sea.

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    ... also, when in "actual temperature" is not possible to chose
    between "ECMWF WAM" and "GFS WAVEWATCH".

  • I investigated the problem. Sea temperature layer is not a forecast and is therefore not related to GFS/ECMWF. It's an analysis from NOAA (updated daily at ~12:25 UTC). Its resolution is quite rough with zoom levels only 0 and 1. As you can see from the attached pictures, the north eastern quadrant completely ignores Black Sea and unfortunately, the "gray void" you see near Albania coast is exactly where the information from NOAA ends. Nothing we can do about that I'm afraid, sorry :/

    img: NOAA's sea temperature map of the north east quadrant (in higher zoom levels in Windy, values are interpolated from values in this map)
    img: Corresponding OSM map of north east quadrant (to make the upper picture more clear)

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    As we know ECMWF's products are available to you.
    Please keep in mind that there is a ECMWF product named "Sea surface temperature from HRES forecast" or SST.
    It would be nice to have it in Windy (if is available to you) as it covers Black Sea and Caspian Sea (not available by NOAA).

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