TROP Squad now has a YouTube! New catch phrase! [Advertisement]

  • Hello, sorry if this annoys you but yes we are advertising a YouTube channel.
    The channel is named TROP Weather featuring me, and some of my friends. We talk about mostly Florida's current weather and always, Hurricanes. and our new slogan?
    "Stay Notified, stay safe."
    Thanks to my friends for the help!

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    @nathantrop Oh no ! I had a lovely morning but now I'm annoyed ! :D I see no problem with this myself (can't speak for others) since it's weather related, but don't forget to give credit to Windy in your content (if you use Windy as a source, that is). Also, you are doing a bad job at advertising ! No matter what I try, I can't seem to find your YT channel. What is it's exact name ? I tried "tropweather", "trop_weather", but no luck.

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