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    I played with alarms and discovered that the conditions for the alarms are operated with AND. How can I setup alarms with OR operator?
    Eg alarm for specified windspeed OR temperature conditions?

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    @tomber42 Unfortunately no, it is not possible to set alarms this way at the moment. We like to keep features as simple as possible (ivo would definitely agree). Speaking of which, however, can you give a real world example where such a setting would be useful ?
    I was too thinking of more specific ways to setup alerts some time ago, but usually couldn't think of any practical use or major benefit compared to the complexity it would bring :/. For example, my idea was to have an option to send alerts only in case the conditions are NOT met (e.g., I am periodically doing this outdoor sport every Tuesday, and I only want to skip in case the weather is bad, not other way around), but the only arguments I came up with to support this were still just "little inconvenience" and "my laziness", but then ... I am not sailor/pilot/kiter or anything similar.

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    This post is deleted!
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    @dzuremar A real world Example..ok

    I have a boat.. too much wind is bad (no nice day on the lake) and temprature below 0 degrees is bad..everything is freezing, i have to prepare the boat for that.

    For the place where my boat is i want to know
    is there too much wind
    is temperature below 0 degrees

    Not AND

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    @tomber42 I see, thank you for the example. However, this exact scenario can be achieved by setting "wind below X m/s" AND "temperature above 0 C", because "X OR Y" is the same as "NOT X AND NOT Y". The only problem I see is that it is hard (or impossible) to achieve "NOT" operator on some of the alert fields.

    For example, you cannot set alert that would notify you if temperature is "NOT from 5 to 10 C". But then I feel like this kind of alert is a bit weird. Who would want to be notified only in case temperature is outside of interval ?

  • Well that explains why i never get alerts :)
    I want to get alerts when the temp is below 0 or when wind is above 20 or when rain is above 20 mm. It is nearly impossible for these 3 conditions to be met at the same day here. If the OR condition wont be implemented at least make an options to create multiple different alerts for one city.

    Btw will it work if i create an alert with one condition for a city,choose a point in that city with weather picker and set alert for that point?
    Is the city name connected only to the center of that city or all geo coords within that city border?

    Keep up the good work :)

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    Ooops, sorry. "X OR Y" is the same as "NOT (NOT X AND NOT Y)". Which is definitely getting a bit complicated :D I will talk to ivo after holidays about this. @Global-X I tried to play around with it a bit and it seems it is not possible, but I am not 100% sure. Meanwhile, try to set the alert this way: "temp above 0" AND "wind below 20" AND "rain below 20". Now if you receive email, you'll know that your original condition (with tree ORs) is not met.

    Hnnnngh, so many negatives... :D

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